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I am dedicated for more than 10 years, for human service and my oath. Which reminds me every moment that it is my responsibility to reduce the problems of others and there is also a bond, but I am happy. Jhansi chose me after serving in Jaipur and Delhi.

It was decided for me to connect with nature, I am the son of a farmer. I don't call the earth my mother, I accept it. Educated in the village itself, I come from Barua village of Rath district or should I say that this is the soil that runs in my veins, becoming my strength. Mother's love and family's faith nurtured himself in such a way that I'm became a doctor. Now I try every moment to serve nature. I can't give up my native. My patriotism in my behavior, my culture is my biggest heritage, of my soil.

If there is any biggest inspiration for the boys in this country then it is Lord Hanuman. I learned everything from him in my whole life. Be it love or dedication or the use of patience and intelligence in adverse circumstances, there is no one else in the whole universe who is more wonderful than him. Everything can change in a moment. I follow him in all the three forms of mischief, simplicity and power. That is my dedication, that is my strength.

It is a matter of childhood, which is a bit strange, but what I learned from it changed my whole life. Children are mischievous. I was mischievous but I was also a little straightforward. I was around 12 years old. At that time, a bet was made among all the friends who would become a peacock and sit on the mango tree at night. Everyone will obey him only.

Many friends got scared and refused but me, Surendra and Shaktiveer said, we will sit on the tree in the night as peacocks and whoever will sit for longer time. Only he will be considered as the winner.

He had to hold a big thick stick in the middle of it by raising his wrists and then put a white sheet over it and sit on a big thick mango branch. Peacock had to be like this.

It was a dark night. From the evening I started convincing myself that I would sit for the longest time. Around 10 in the night which we all had decided, i reached the nearby mango tree, but there was no one there. I was feeling scared. But then I took the name of Lord Hanuman and then when I felt that there was no one there, I wrote Janak Singh on a stone under the tree and put many more stones on top of it.

I didn't become a peacock that day, but after that day all my friends followed me as peacocks and I learned that if you conquer fear, the whole world will follow you. Many people don't even try.But I tried and won. From that day I try every day, win or as well as lose, but from that day I neither stopped to trying nor remembering Lord Hanuman.

Nature also tests my personality. I had my MS paper and on the same day my wife got severe pain. She was pregnant and I remember how distraught I was but everything went well. My wife's delivery as well as my paper. The difficulty that I felt in those few moments that day, in reality God was testing me. I passed that day but these moments became memories. Who made me feel the feelings as a doctor which every person feels while undergoing treatment. Perhaps it is these sensibilities that gave me the maturity and the strength to dedicate and make endless efforts towards my patients.

Some people who are seen in our personality even without any heredity. Some such people, I feel them to be the messenger of God. They are all my teachers. Dr. KK Sharma, Dr. S S Yadav, Dr. G. D. Yadav, Dr. Sanjay Kala all amazing, all full of their own capabilities, different from each other, but all have one goal of human service, dedication and sense of duty.

First day of MBBS and ragging was bound to happen in the hostel. Everyone was introduced, and then senior asked to come at night. Everyone was given posters of heroines like Madhuri Dixit, Juhi, Chawla etc. and everyone was told to propose them, but I was given a poster of Amrishpuri and said, you are a devotee of Hanuman ji, what use do you have with girls, you are Propose amrish puri .I am audacious and not accepting defeat, so I kept thinking for some time, then started singing Hanuman Chalisa shouting and dancing. All the seniors were scared by my shouting and singing like this and said, stop brother, it was a mistake to call you, you will get everyone punished, you go. After that day all my batchmates also followed me as peacocks.

group of doctors walking on hospital hallway
group of doctors walking on hospital hallway

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